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Digital Signage and AI

Digital Signage and AI
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Artificial intelligence is all people have been talking about these past few months. On its own, AI is a huge topic that we cannot possibly fully explore. Thus, we will solely focus on digital signage and AI. In this article, you will find different ways to implement artificial intelligence into your digital signage network


Use AI for digital signage

Scientists and engineers have been developing AI technologies for many years now and their applications are finally coming to the mainstream. So, we thought it would be interesting to explore the different benefits of artificial intelligence in signage. We identified four main uses of AI for digital signage

Digital signage technology grows increasingly autonomous, and information distribution becomes more efficient, affecting how users interact with screens and displays operate. The AI capabilities of displays improve every year, and in 2023, we'll undoubtedly witness some exciting uses of this technology on a new scale

Data collection and analysis

Businesses can collect data using digital signage devices thanks to the advancements in technology. That can be done with the help of facial recognition and sensor technology. As a result, organizations can have a deeper understanding of their visitors and how to target them more effectively with digital signage

AI can help companies to collect and analyze such data more efficiently. Imagine that you pull up to the gas station to refill your tank. By the time you pick up the hose, the system in place would have analyzed factors like your age group, gender, and race. 

These could also be cross-referenced with the make and model of your car to show you a personalized ad on the screen nearly. All this information could be collected and analyzed within seconds so that people can get a better experience.

AI and privacy concerns

In addition to data collection, AI can manage data much more efficiently and faster than humans can. We see this across different industries, especially in tech and digital marketing. However, a lot of people are worried about how their personal data is being used by corporations. 

For example, digital cities have antennas that can collect vast amounts of data that can be then quickly analyzed to advertise products and services to specific individuals in real time. This is possible because most people keep Wi-Fi on their device, which constantly looks for an open network to connect to. By doing so, the smartphone sends out its unique ID number that antennas can pick up which in turn can be used to target people with personalized ads. 

Imagine that you walk the same route to work every day at the same time. This establishes a pattern that AI can recognize. And artificial intelligence can see patterns in a way that humans can’t. Additionally, AI is always learning and improving at a much faster rate than an employee ever could.

But let’s circle back to your morning commute. As a result of the AI analyzing your data, you may see an ad for a breakfast menu at a nearby coffee house. While GDPR can protect a large part of your sensitive personal details such as name, address, etc, it does not stop companies from building a user profile that includes multiple layers of information

Take for instance what the Chinese tech giant, Alibaba, is doing. The company builds individual profiles for users based on their lifestyle (occupation), demographics (age, sex, etc), and interests (e.g. fishing, yoga, etc.). The data that they collect is in different layers and it helps provide users with highly personalized offers across multiple marketing channels.

Interactive interface 

Take things one step further and make the entire shopping experience into a personalized adventure for visitors with digital signage and AI. You can install displays throughout the brick-and-mortar store to bring the online shopping experience into real life

Allow people to add their requirements to quickly browse through products and then compare options side by side. Shoppers would be able to enjoy a unique and dynamic experience that could ultimately affect their purchase decision

Advanced scheduling options  

Businesses can take advantage of advanced scheduling options thanks to artificial intelligence. The technology could allow for much quicker and more efficient content distribution across the entire digital signage network. With fewer manual tasks, specialists would be able to allocate more time to other projects, and overall productivity could rise. 


Benefits of digital signage and AI in 2023 

Arguably, the most significant benefit of using AI-powered digital signage is that it can offer a more engaging and personalized experience. Businesses may utilize AI-powered digital signage to better target people passing by digital signage displays in the public space with appropriate content by understanding their preferences, thanks to the capacity to gather data and produce insights. This contributes to the development of a more tailored experience for people. 

Increased engagement is another benefit of employing AI-powered digital signage. Businesses may maintain peoples' interest in the displayed material by learning about customer preferences and delivering targeted content. Companies wanting to enhance foot traffic or shopping time in their in-store locations will particularly benefit from this.

Finally, organizations can cut costs with digital signage and AI in 2023. Businesses can reduce human labor by automating the process of gathering data and producing insights, which can result in lower overall costs. Companies can also better customize their content strategies to be more effective (which can decrease marketing expenditures) by analyzing customer preferences.


Overall, digital signage and AI seem like a good match that could elevate your business to the next level. But before you rush into adding artificial intelligence to your arsenal, make sure to answer the right questions or schedule a meeting with our MagicINFO experts to learn more about digital signage automation.

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