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Debunking 5 Common Myths about Digital Signage and MagicINFO

Debunking 5 Common Myths about Digital Signage and MagicINFO
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It is no secret that technology keeps evolving at an unprecedented rate, impacting and changing the world around us. For instance, how businesses and institutions handle communication has changed dramatically over the past few years. Why, you might wonder? Well, for starters, displays are replacing the traditional pinboards. This makes sharing information much easier as you no longer have to deal with the hassle of printed paper advertising. With the right signage solution, handling content becomes much easier. 


When starting a digital signage project, you might bump into challenges about implementing the project, such as getting buy-in from your colleagues. Today's blog will equip you with the right answers, debunking the most common 5 myths related to digital signage and MagicINFO.   


Keep reading to debunk the following myths: 


Myth no. 1: Digital Signage Requires an Expensive Investment 


Think digital signage and you might visualize enormous billboards with eye-popping LED graphics. Yes, acquiring those can be a hefty investment. But to realize your digital signage project, you don't always need to break the bank; it's as easy as figuring out your business needs. From simple, cost-effective solutions to elaborate displays, there's a signage solution tailor-made for every budget and goal. 


If you're seeking affordability, consider purchasing our affordable MagicINFO Lite Cloud subscription, which can be paid monthly or annually. With its robust features and budget-friendly plans, the Lite version of the MagicINFO Cloud is a testament to the fact that digital signage can be both high-quality and cost-effective. 

Myth no. 2: Digital Signage is Difficult to Manage and Time-consuming


This could not be further away from the truth! Upon choosing a Premium MagicINFO license or cloud subscription, you can make full use of the Samsung Remote Management solution, enabling you to control your digital signage installation from anywhere in the world. In time, this will save you costs because there is no need for having someone physically manage the displays, even in the case of a strange error. Also, you can be more sustainable since you won't be incurring any costs from the trip back and forth to the displays' location. 


Another powerful argument to get your team invested in your digital signage project idea and debunk this myth is that you can always receive training based on your needs. We, at MagicInfo Services by ScreenCom, are dedicated to helping companies achieve their digital signage dreams and we can always help you learn how to work with MagicINFO. If this is one of the main reasons why you're having trouble getting buy-in from your colleagues, check out our training offer. We offer training for IT and non-IT professionals, allowing you to unlock the secrets of MagicINFO faster than ever! 

Myth no. 3: Digital Signage is Not Properly Secured


As everyone knows, security in the digital age is paramount. Rest assured, the MagicINFO solution is completely secure. With the prestigious ISO/IEC 27001:2013 & ISO/IEC 27701:2019 certifications under its belt, MagicINFO is a virtual fortress, safeguarding your precious content and data. 


Further fortifying this security fortress, MagicINFO offers the possibility to limit users' access, only allowing them to work with the features that are needed. Thus, you can easily create a user role to ensure each team member has access to only those features they need. For instance, you could restrict the marketing department to only have access to creating and publishing content, and your IT engineers to only have access to server and device settings. 


For step-by-step instructions on how to create a user account with specific device permissions, you can watch the YouTube video below. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, MagicInfo Services, if you haven't already done so. We regularly upload content showing how to use MagicINFO to make the most out of your digital signage projects.


Myth no. 4: Digital Signage is Suitable Only for Advertising Purposes


Digital signage can be useful for many other needs, not just for advertising. We, atMagicInfo Services by ScreenCom, have been helping more than five hundred customers from many diverse industries achieve their goals with digital signage. Be it education, healthcare, automotive, retail, corporate, or QSR, the MagicINFO digital signage solution is a powerful tool for transforming any industry landscape. Delve into our inspiring industry pages and case studies to learn more about the remarkable versatility of MagicINFO firsthand.

Myth no. 5: You Can Only Use Digital Signage Displays Indoors


Shattering the indoor-only myth, digital signage is as much an outdoor tech champion as it is an indoor technology maestro. High-definition LED walls and displays are specifically designed to be visible from any angle, transforming outdoor spaces into interactive communication hubs. If your digital signage project idea involves outdoor usage, have a look at the HYGH case study and get inspired by the mesmerizing possibilities of outdoor digital signage.

Today, we've unraveled some common misconceptions clouding the true potential of digital signage and MagicINFO. In the end, it's clear: digital signage is not just a communication tool, it's a game-changer. So, let's step into the future, where digital signage and MagicINFO open up limitless horizons for innovative, effective, and engaging communication!


You have reached the end of today's blog. For more information on how to use digital signage and MagicINFO to level up your project schedule a meeting with one of our MagicINFO experts.

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