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Can you benefit from upgrading to MagicINFO V9?

Can you benefit from upgrading to MagicINFO V9?
by Joey
3 min read

Comparing MagicINFO 9’s newly improved features with MagicINFO 8’s corresponding features

Last week we presented the new features of the digital signage solution offered by Samsung, MagicINFO 9. This week we will look at the improvements of V9 next to the 8th version so you can decide which is the better option for your business. 

Here are the main differences, between the two versions, that will the discussed:

 MagicINFO 9 is ISO certified 


Security threats. Only by hearing these two words next to one another, you get the chills. Ever since Wikileaks, the world opened up to a whole new threat in the form of cyber attacks. If you think your business could be the target of such a malicious act, then we have good news for you! The new version of MagicINFO 9 is ISO certified. With the 8th version, security levels are already pretty high since the password policy has been updated from V7. However, ISO certifications  27001 and 27701 ensure that your business has the highest level of security recognized globally and this guarantee comes only with the 9th version.


 Better Remote Control Management


In general, one of the most attractive features of MagicINFO is the Remote Management solution. Remote Management is included in the MagicINFO Premium license or can be bought as a separate license type, the Samsung Remote Management license. You can also use it with the Cloud Premium solution or the Cloud Remote Management solution.

With the Remote Management functionalities, you have complete remote hardware control from wherever you are and can completely monitor your set of smart signage displays. Remote Management was made even more user-friendly with V9. Now, it is easier to diagnose and address the issues/errors remotely. Users can scan and interact with multiple devices by using Multi Screen control to offer an improved diagnosis. In addition to this, with Screen Monitoring, you can control in real-time the connection and the status of each display, by device type. Additional security settings have been introduced in V9 as well. A great example is that Remote Control can be disabled from the server. Meaning that it’s not possible to watch the displays remotely, for security reasons. This was not possible with version 8, which does not offer the same affordances for firmware. MagicINFO V9 was enhanced to display, select, and distribute the devices compatible with the firmware files uploaded during deployment. 

If you’ve ever experienced strange, unexplainable issues with how your content is displayed, it might be time for a checkup. We already covered this topic in our latest ebook, ‘5 Tips to Optimize your MagicINFO Account’. 


You can also schedule a meeting with one of our consultants and request a checkup to see if the displays in your MagicINFO account could benefit from a firmware update. 


 Grant restricted access in Web Author 


Have you or your business been struggling with keeping your brand identity while at the same time allowing users to create content to be displayed on your displays? With MagicINFO version 9 you have an even wider range of customization options for your content such as embedded content, decorative stickers, stamps, built-in templates, and art which can enhance the quality of your signage project. In addition, perhaps the biggest change is related to users’ accessibility in Web Author. Compared to V8, you can choose the level of access granted to the users so that your brand stays in line with your corporate identity. That way users can be restricted to only fill in a template you design. The graphic interface can be adjusted now. 


See your content in 4k with MagicINFO V9 by using the S10 & I players 


The in-depth hardware control is a significant benefit of choosing the solution offered by Samsung and MagicINFO. More devices support MagicINFO now: from stand-alone to videowall, from outdoor displays to LEDs. The 9th version offers full support for the S10 and the I player. In plus, MagicINFO V9 offers the possibility of displaying your content in 4k so you can rest assured the image quality of your signage content will now be even better! 


Would you like to know more about how your signage project/ business can benefit from integrating the newest Samsung signage solution, MagicINFO 9? You can read our previous blog to find out what’s new about MagicINFO 9.


Did you like the improved features of MagicINFO 9? Would you like to know if your business can benefit from upgrading? Schedule a meeting with one of our MagicINFO experts and explore the ways digital signage solutions can add value to your business. 


Want to try installing V9 by yourself? Here is a step-by-step instruction to install the software on your premises.


If you are already using the MagicINFO Cloud solution offered by MagicInfo Services you will automatically benefit from the new features of MagicINFO 9. We will inform you more about this soon, so check your email!

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