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Why video analytics can improve your results

Why video analytics can improve your results
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Are you working with signage for some time now and are you looking for ways to get more results and be more effective? Spend some time reading this blog about why adding video analytics to your digital signage is a smart way to go.


People in shopping streets don�t know where to look any longer, having all billboards, posters and flickering lights asks for confusing! As a marketer you are shouting as loud as any other, to get the attention with your advertisement. Yearning to get at least someone to look at your well thought out campaign. Standing out is becoming more difficult, but there are ways to hit your goal. To target your audience with just the right content. How? Start to use video analytics. Why? With video analytics you can collect data, generate business intelligence and therefore optimize your strategies and activities based on these insights. That will surely improve your results.


Video analytics data is gathered using face analysis technology. The information gathered is all anonymous, but gives you, as a marketeer, a lot of power. Without recording, the cameras identify the gender and age of the person in front of it but also can detect approximate age and mood, based on the contours of the person's face. Also, the head pose gives a great indication into where exactly the person is looking at. So you can imagine that with this information you can customize your message to a certain level and offer something that could really be relevant to the viewer. Next to this it will analyze if the person pays attention to certain merchandise, promotional offers or other deals. This data can be used for fine tuning the campaigns and special offers, and eventually this will translate to improved sales results. How �spot on'' would it be to offer certain deals or show content based on age and gender? For example, if the camera analyses a mother with her little baby the display can offer diapers or toys. When an elderly man is in front of the display, the ad changes to an offer for a shampoo for thicker hair. By adding video analytics and programmatic content, the display can deliver a more relevant advertisement for the unique individual looking. And that's not only great for business results, but somehow also great for your target person because they only get to see the offer they are truly waiting for.


Do you have a creative mind and ideas on how to interact more or better with your customers but you don�t know what technology can bring you there? Why not share your idea with us and let�s see if our solutions can bring your ideas into reality. Contact us, or just leave a comment on this blogpost. 


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