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Why digital signage should be part of your marketing strategy

Why digital signage should be part of your marketing strategy
by Joey
1 min read

Marketing strategies that get supported by digital signage work better! Technology is getting way more advanced these days, so why not include technology in your marketing? Imagine having displays at your company that don't get used or show dated content. What a shame! In most of these cases, working with the software is probably still too complicated or lacking in time. The right software in combination with a solid marketing strategy is the solution. Digital signage helps to achieve marketing goals without too much effort. Think of upselling products, building internal communities, gaining attention, and speeding up the internal communication process.


It might be a real struggle to think about what content you want to show and when you want to show this. A set strategy provides a solid backbone for your content to be used for all your platform including digital signage. It helps provide periods of checking the content to see if it's still up to date.


Some other benefits of having digital signage as part of your marketing strategy are:

  • An improved, quick, and great foundation for very fast internal communication
  • The screens allow you to engage more with your employees and customers
  • More content on social media and websites by user generator
  • A significant increase in website and social media visits
  • The usage of MagicINFO is user-friendly and easy to manage


There are 10 steps that are key to how to maximize the usage of your digital signage displays and how it works best!

  1. Set goals. What do you want to accomplish?
  2. Set measurables. How will you measure your goals?
  3. Position your screens. Where will they be seen?
  4. Define your audience. Which personas are you aiming for?
  5. Choose content for your audience. How to perfectly reach those personas?
  6. Segment your content items. Who are my customers and what content is the best to reach them?
  7. Design playlists and schedules. Which playlists do you schedule at which times?
  8. Use campaigns to engage audiences. Are your campaigns attracting and entertaining enough?
  9. Ask for feedback. Does your content/ campaign work in a real scenario?
  10. Review and adjust. Check, learn and improve!


Hope you can benefit from these steps! Good luck and enjoy setting up your cross-channel marketing strategy with a significant role in signage! 


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