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Which digital signage display do you need, where and what size?!

Which digital signage display do you need, where and what size?!
by Joey
2 min read

Despite the sector you're working in, you will need a digital signage display! Simply because it makes it way easier to inform, entertain and engage with your target audience. It even helps enhance the brand experience!

But before you're getting started, you will need to know the size, location, and model of display that suits you best.


Where to install the displays?

How cool would it be if the customers in the waiting room get entertained by a display that shows interesting information in general or specified to your business? The display cannot be ignored and so the experience will benefit. Or are you done with the same painting on the wall throughout the year? Just take a display so you can edit the paintings yourself.


What type of digital signage display do you need?

First of all, a consumer tv is not a digital signage display. The digital signage displays from Samsung have MagicINFO installed out of the box, so no additional installation is required. Also, the digital signage displays are designed for signage. This means that they are built to be active for a very long time. The colors of the digital signage displays will not fade, but the consumer TV display will. Want to know the key differences between a consumer TV and a digital signage display? Make sure to read this blog. Want to know more about digital signage displays? Check out Display Solutions.

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What size of displays do you need?

There isn't a right or wrong to this question. But a bigger display gets more attention than a smaller one. Having a 55-inch TV in your living room might come across as too big at first sight but having a 55-inch display in your company might be the right size. It all depends on what kind of content you want to show and how far away the display is installed from the viewing point.


Here are some questions that might help you determine which size you need:

- Are you going to mainly show text or video?

At least take a 43/49-inch


- Are you going to show the content on the whole screen or in segments?

If in segments, then you should take a 55-inch or bigger


- How small is the smallest part of the content?

If the distance is under 6 meters, a 43/49-inch is fine


- Is the audience going to be sitting, standing, or walking?

If the distance is under 6 meters, a 43/49-inch is fine


- Is the display going to be inside or outside?

If inside, then a 55-inch is considered 'normal'


- Is the objective to entertain, promote/ inform?

If yes, a 49/55-inch is perfect to catch the eye and send the right information


- How many screens do you want and how does that number compare to your budget?

Also bear in mind that the Standalone displays from Samsung can be in portrait and landscape. But don't overdo the number of displays, unless you want an artistic videowall.


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