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Where is the remote control?

Where is the remote control?
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Do you recognize this phrase? Who's not spending minutes looking for the remote control and missing the show that you wanted to watch. Big shoutout to the person who invented on demand! At home there is often just 1 remote control to search for. But what happens when you have more devices? Such as a complete display network with displays at various places and then lose the remote control? The horror! But,  if you are smart (and you are), you choose MagicINFO as your content distribution software with full remote management. With MagicINFO you always have a remote control available, online and just a few clicks away, that gives you hardware control. And if even those few clicks are too much, then I would like to point out the Quick Control button. And here's why.

What is Quick Control and why is it there?

The Quick Control button does everything the name already says. It gives you quick control over your displays. When you click the button you can switch the device on and off, change panel status, go to the remote control, restart the device, change channels, set the volume and mute the device and last but not least empty the storage. You just select the device that you want to manage and complete the action you want. Good thing, you can choose multiple devices so that could save you a lot of clicks. Why is it there? Instead of going to the settings of each device separately you can now manage some settings all at once. So, it's handy to carry out a task swiftly. 

How you can use Quick Control?

When you want to change hardware settings you can go to each display separately, click edit and change almost anything that can be set in your display. Very good, but in case of emergency, a quicker option as Quick Control can save the day. Here are some real life situations where you can use Quick Control.

Oh no, my device is not showing content!
Use the Quick Control to set the right source.

Oh no. my device is off!
Use the Power on button to see if that changes the situation.

Well... my playlist is not being published!
Use the empty storage option to be sure that's not the cause.

With this blog we hope that you never overlook this button from now and benefit from this powerful feature. Want to see it for yourself, have a look at this tutorial that explains where you can find the button and learn more about the functionalities. 

PS: Quick Control doesn't do anything?  In order to have remote access you will need to switch on Network standby for each device. 

Want to learn more features? We provide in-dept trainings about the more technical part of the solution. Click here to find out more.

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