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When Do You Need to Replace Your Display?

When Do You Need to Replace Your Display?
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Did you know that the durability of a smart signage display can last up to 50.000 hours? After that, it could come to the stage where it could be replaced.


Investing in smart signage displays is not something that you do on a daily basis. These investments are mostly big and there are a lot of things to consider. Finding the right partner that can help you with your decision and get your needs straight so you know where to look for hardware. Of course, being MagicINFO-minded, Samsung hardware with the internal MagicINFO player is the best choice. But the Samsung line-up is extensive, so you might need some help with that. Finding the right hardware takes time and effort. And you want to take the time for it. So you don't want to make these kinds of decisions in a rush. Keeping that in mind, it would be best if you know upfront when a big investment in signage hardware is needed.  


What information can you use for some prediction?


First: Look at the overall hours your display has been switched on. 

Second: Look at the player version - have there been any updates and is your player still compatible with the MagicINFO software and new features?

Third: YOU get complaints about a drop in brightness, unexpected errors, and publishing issues and there is no plausible cause.

Of course, the third one is what you want to avoid, but is often the first reason why an investment in new hardware is done. Then you are running out of time and have to make fast decisions.


To be sure that your MagicINFO environment is up to date and future-proof a checkup once a year or every 6 months (depending on the extent and usage of the signage network) is what we advise. You can monitor durability yourself, but we also offer a MagicINFO Checkup. It's like a health check for your body but this is for your MagicINFO account. It gets checked on several points and all quick wins and advice are gathered in the Checkup Report. With this, you know exactly what the status of your MagicINFO account and devices is so you know what needs to be done, or it will give you the peace of mind that everything is just fine.


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