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What to do when you can't reach your digital signage display via MagicINFO?

What to do when you can't reach your digital signage display via MagicINFO?
by Joey
2 min read

MagicINFO is a great tool that allows you to not only upload, create and edit content, but it can do much more. MagicINFO is a really handy tool to also monitor your device and change hardware settings when needed.


The content can only be published, and the device can only be reached, if it's connected to the internet. Now it can occur that your device is greyed out after you're logged into your MagicINFO account, as the picture shows below. This can have two meanings which are as following:

  1. The device is turned off. You can try to remotely switch is on by using the Quick Control. You have to select the specific device, click on Quick Control and click on Power on. If this doesn't work, it means the Network Standby is switched off. You can turn this on by going to the device settings > Device Control > Scroll down and View More and switch Network Standby on. In order to switch this on, your device has to be connected to the server and therefor turned on. If you can't turn it on remotely, you have to physically go to the display and use the remote control.
  1. The second possibility is that the device lost its connection. Now this can mean that the internet connection is lost, or the server settings are incorrect. The connection can be checked by going to the device with the remote control and go to Menu > Network > Network status to check the connection. If the device is connected to the internet, you have to make sure the server settings are filled in correct. These can be checked by going to Menu > Network > Server network settings > Connect to server. Once these steps have been checked and set properly, your device should pop up online again in your MagicINFO account.




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