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Start your holidays without worrying about your signage

Start your holidays without worrying about your signage
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During the holidays we can imagine that your content planning could get a bit left behind. To prevent you from worrying about your signage during your break or just to save you some work, here are some tips that you can benefit from.


1. Schedule your content using date and time
With MagicINFO you can schedule your content upfront very easily. MagicINFO has multiple options to make sure content is always scheduled at a precise date and time. If you have a playlist that's always good to show, like a company video, you can also schedule it for 24 hours and all days. The timers of your devices will make sure they are switched on and off. So invest some time up front, so you don't have to worry about that during your well-deserved break.

2. Default content
If you really want to sit back and relax, make sure you have something default set up so you are sure there's always relevant content published. Here's a blog about it where you can read how you can set up default content. Another powerful function for making sure content is displayed, is the Advanced Backup Play functionality.

3. Put on your notifications
Just before you leave the (home) office for enjoying your holidays, check if you have switched on the notifications and let them send to you. With all this set, you are sure you can react quickly when something is going on. Here's how you set your notifications.

4. Remember, you have remote control
You will always have the option to change or add an item when a great idea pops up. You can simply access MagicINFO remotely, to create, delete and adjust playlists if the content needs an urgent change. Also, you can fully control the display using Remote Management. So in case you get a notification of a display malfunction, just access MagicINFO and see what's going on from wherever you are.

5. Holiday management
Well, when you are sure nobody will see your content and there's no need to publish anything, why not just use Holiday management and let your displays have a break as well? Here's how you do this.


The best is not to worry about the content during the holiday at all, so make sure you plan ahead what's necessary. In case any problems occur, you can always work your MAGIC(info) with remote access, even during while sipping a pina colada. ;-)



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