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Users and roles in MagicINFO

Users and roles in MagicINFO
by Joey
1 min read

Working with multiple people that are responsible for the content on the displays? Within MagicINFO it's possible to provide different people with different access, for example if you want your content creators to only have access to the functionalities that they need. This means they would not have access to the settings for example.

This functionality can be useful when you have a large project where multiple people are involved in. By providing people with the access that's relevant to them they will work more efficient. If everyone would have full access, it can happen that people start playing around with settings that they shouldn't touch. By making use of this functionality you minimise the risk of unwanted settings changes.


Now apart from the fixed roles option, you can even create your own role and providing them with the specific access that you require. In case the default roles aren't exactly what you are looking for, you are free to go to create your own. Wondering how to do this? This YouTube video explains it all.


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