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Use Content approval to prevent small mistakes having large impact

Use Content approval to prevent small mistakes having large impact
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With everybody working from home and remotely, you miss having somebody else to share your ideas with and to ask for advice. When you work in a team, at the office, you can easily ask the guy next to you to check your text in an important email, web text, blog, or... signage content. We don't have an immediate solution for the first couple of examples, but for the last one, signage content, we surely do! Called Content approval. With this, you can have your content approved before sending it to the world to see. In this blog, I explain how you can prevent yourself from making a small mistake that could cause a large impact, by using this feature. 


What does Content Approval mean in MagicINFO and why is it there?

The Content approval settings enable you to pick another MagicINFO user to approve the item before you can use it in a playlist or schedule. This will make sure that you always have your items checked according to the two pairs of eyes principle.


How you can use the feature?


The Content approval process in MagicINFO is pretty straightforward. You can enable the Content approval check and select another Administrator from your organisation to check the item before publishing it. He/she can see all the items to be checked in a list of "Unapproved content" and add notes to elaborate on the reason why it's good or just not ready to send out yet. Check out the article in the knowledge base to see how you can set up content for approval.


So next to the fact that you can work with various roles and user rights, this is another powerful feature that's often overlooked, but it can help to improve the quality of your signage messages. It can help:

  1. To prevent getting grammar mistakes slipped into your published content 
  2. To hold on to your corporate identity
  3. To give others more responsibility and share tasks with you or have your manager have the final word.

I hope you will benefit from this blog and, however you are working from home, you still have the sense of being part of a team.


Want to learn more features? We provide in-depth training for content managers. During the training session, you'll receive practical advice and know-how from the MagicINFO consultant who will teach you all about creating and publishing content. 


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