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To share or not to share

To share or not to share
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In MagicINFO there are multiple ways to work together and keep respect for all different roles and responsibilities within one MagicINFO environment. In a former blog we mentioned the various roles and user rights that you can set to build your own structural hierarchy and determine access levels. But also on content level you can play with the accessibility and availability of content. For example using nested playlists with certain access limitations, or use the one we highlight in this blog, called "shared content". Another way to work together and create just the right playlists that hits your target.


What is it?

The shared content feature allows you to share specific content items you've created or uploaded to the MagicINFO server with other organizations groups. You can look at organization groups similar as being a department of your company, a franchise store, or as other locations. Sharing content means that other users within that organization can pick up your shared item and use it to create their own playlists with. 

You can create a folder where you can save all your shared items so others can easily find the shared items to choose from. Knowing that what they use, looks good. Not everybody can use the share options, this is limited to the MagicINFO server admin.  Users within the organizations can't delete or change shared content items. So it's up to you there, high up in the hierarchy, to share or not to share.


Why is it there?

MagicINFO is built for many purposes and for small or enterprise users it has all features that fits one or the other. Sharing content is one of the features that fits larger organizations, with multiple departments or locations, and has more users within one MagicINFO environment. It's an ideal function for when, for example, you want to offer content from head office so that local content managers can select the items themselves to add to their own content. This way you can be sure that the content item you have created is always displayed in the right way, but it's up to the other user to decide whether to publish it or not.

Afterwards, you can always check the popularity of your carefully crafted item in the statistics at proof of play.

Learn more about it in this YouTube tutorial.

This highlighted feature is surely one that you can use to your advantage!


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