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This is why Remote Management is the solution you need

This is why Remote Management is the solution you need
by Joey
1 min read

Having multiple devices, or devices that are not anywhere near you are always hard to check. Whether you want to see what is playing on the displays or if you want to make changes in the settings, this is all possible with Samsung Remote Management. This solution offers you to reach your devices from anywhere in the world.


Once your device is connected to MagicINFO or an alternative CMS system, all there is left is that the device to be connected to the internet. As long as the device is connected, you can send out commands, check the live content and solve issues simply from your desktop.


By using a different CMS system other than MagicINFO, you keep your own digital signage platform, but with the benefits of Samsung's hardware control. Samsung Remote Management Solution is a central remote service solution allowing remote monitoring of the devices and eliminating the need for site visits or service calls.


Curious to see how this works? Check out the video below where you can see the Remote Management live in action. If you wish to make use of this function to fully control your Samsung Digital Signage displays, this is possible with and without the MagicINFO CMS system.


Want to try out the Remote Management for 30 days for free? Click here to sign up.


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