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This is how the Entrance Management helps you control COVID-19

This is how the Entrance Management helps you control COVID-19
by Joey
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More shops begin to open during the COVID-19 phase and people are getting more excited yet tensed to get out. Digital signage now can help you #flattenthecurve by keeping the customer flow well organized. How can digital signage help with this? The Entrance Management allows you to check the visitors and the combination with MagicINFO allows you to add additional promotion.


The World Health Organization has set certain guidelines for how many people can be at a certain place for example. This counts for public places and for businesses, there is a certain number of customers that are allowed in your store based on the size of the store. Some stores decide to manually count the people that are going in and out of the stores, this can be more efficient. The Entrance Management solution will now do this for you, this will save you from having an employee at the door.


How does it work?

The camera is located above the entrance doors, this way it can scan the people coming in and out. The setup process allows you to select the area you want to scan and indicate the direction of the visitors.


What can it do?

By scanning people entering and leaving the building, you can count your customer flow with precision. This means you can set a maximum number of visitors that you can have in your store. Your digital signage display can help you with this because it can show live the number of people that are in your store.


This means that you can for example show a traffic light, a green sign when people can go in, and a red sign when the maximum number has been reached.


What does it look like?

There are two ways in using Entrance Management, you can decide to let it run as a separate system. This means you will only get to see the number of visitors, as the image below.


Or you can decide to have the Entrance Management server connected to your MagicINFO server. This allows you to actually use frames and promote additional products. For example, you can split your display in half and show on one half of the display the live number of visitors and on the other half an additional item that you want to promote.


Want to see the Entrance Management live in action? Check out the video below that shows real-time information about people going in and out of the building.


Curious about what this solution can do for your business? Feel free to send us an email at and we're happy to help you!

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