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These are all the possibilities that MagicINFO Lite offers

These are all the possibilities that MagicINFO Lite offers
by Joey
1 min read

MagicINFO comes in two variables, these are Lite and Premium. We've discussed the differences already once before in this blog, but what is it that can you really do with MagicINFO Lite? In this blog we will go deeper in all the possibilities.


Lite has been created allowing users to upload pre-build content. This means ready to go pictures, video's and based on your device also PDF and Office files. Basically, all content that does not need to be edited before sending out. Most companies do not really need more than this, if allows you to send the content to the displays quick and without too many options. It works really straight forward.


Sticking to the content topic, you will also be allowed to share the content within the organisation and the different organisation groups.


For the scheduling you can create your general schedules and still make use of the messaging option. Preset Management is also possible, which allows you to send multiple commands to multiple (similar) devices simultaneously. The device statistics will also remain available to provide you with the proper insights. In the device overview you will still be able to see your devices, open the quick control and give them a restart if needed. You can still set the automatic on and off timers and change the security settings as well. It's not possible to check real life what is running on the devices and the source switching.


For the user section, Lite allows you to create users and organise roles as stated. You can create custom roles and assign the roles to the selected users. This function remains the same for as well as Lite as Premium, so no distinction has been made there.


Interested in Lite? We offer a Lite Cloud subscription which you cannot refuse. You can order it here.

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