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There are two ways to configure your videowall

There are two ways to configure your videowall
by Joey
1 min read

A videowall might be the most attractive solution there is to get attention. It's a great tool for commercial use to show ads, commercials, or promotional videos or images. Apart from that, it's also a great tool for internal communication. You can create a videowall and show data that appeals to the team! This can be a great source of information.


Setting up a videowall can be done in two ways. One is the traditional way, which is the most flexible way as well. This setup allows you to send content to the devices individually, or as a whole.

If you have three devices set up as a videowall, you can decide to have one image on one display and one video spread across two displays. Or you can choose to have the video running spread across all three devices and so on. You are free to place the content however you want it with this option. Feel free to take a look at this video to see how to configurate your videowall and the options that you have with creating the content. The Web Author allows you to be as creative with the content as you want, you can even add widgets. This option requires a Premium license or cloud connection per display.


The second option is by connecting an external SBB box to the devices. The SBB is an external player supplied by Samsung that can be attached to the display. The way this works is that the SBB box has to be connected, via HDMI, to the very first display. The first display will be connected via HDMI to the second display and so on. This is called the Daisy Chain. The SBB box will spread the content across all the devices to make it seem like one. This is a really handy tool if you wish to show content across all your devices at all times. Now this can be videos or images. For this functionality, you will need a Premium license or cloud connection per SBB box.


To conclude, a videowall is a great tool to gather attention from customers or for internal communication. Communication is key.

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