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There are two ways in updating your firmware

There are two ways in updating your firmware
by Joey
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You have the freedom to choose between updating the firmware of your devices via USB, or via the MagicINFO server. The main difference? Time. Updating the firmware via the USB stick is most of the time quicker than using the server option. Please note that the firmware goes per model type, so the firmware is very model-sensitive.


Updating the firmware via the server requires a different kind of file than via USB. Special files are created by Samsung for when the firmware is sent to the device remotely. These are .zip files that can be uploaded to the server and sent to that device model type. Want to know more about how to upload the firmware via the server? Feel free to check the following video.


Updating the firmware via USB is significantly faster than using the server. This is because the server has to download the file, send it to the devices and the devices have to download it. So, internet connection plays a big role there. It is more efficient when having multiple devices. Updating with a USB stick is quicker, it requires the USB file which has to be placed on a FAT32 formatted stick. The process of updating the firmware via USB is as follows:



If you are looking to update the firmware of your devices, please contact your local distributor, or reach out to us if you're a direct customer. They and we can provide you with the right documents.

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