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The differences between S6 and S7 player

The differences between S6 and S7 player
by Joey
1 min read

Recently the new S7 player out and this might raise questions about what is new? We have compared the QE82R (S7) with the QB75R (S6) to see which main spec differences we could find.



  • Response time panel = 6ms
  • Input = Additional display port 1.2
  • Main memory interface = 1.6Ghz
  • EMC certification = Class A



  • Response time panel = 8ms
  • Main memory interface = 1.5Ghz
  • EMC certification = Class B


Comparing S6 and S7 Player Digital Signage


The differences are small, barely noticeable judging from the information above. However, the QE82R (S7) is capable of showing not just the normal 4K content but ensures that the 4K quality is top-notch. This is thanks to the Dynamic Crystal Color with 10-bit processing.

Aside from this information, the main differences will be visible when the displays are side to side. The S7 will get the content quicker compared to the S6 and the S7 be able to play certain 60fps (or higher) video's better.

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