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The advantages of digital signage for advertising

The advantages of digital signage for advertising
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Nowadays it's hard to grab the attention of potential customers. It's not just a strong offer that brings you new customers. It's all about creating the right experience, online and offline, and telling your story. To make this happen a good marketeer is nowhere without good software. Think about good CRM software, an emailing tool, software for managing all your inbound marketing activities, CMS-es for websites, and of course a CMS tool for managing your digital signage network. With the right tools, you'll get there! If there's one tool that we are sure will help you to achieve your goal, it's MagicINFO. MagicINFO for digital signage enhances your full customer experience and makes your life easier as a marketeer who has to keep all adverts spinning.

Here are some advantages of digital signage for advertising:



1. Remote device management

One of MagicINFO's powerful features is the remote device management solution. With this, you are able to remotely manage your marketing content and hardware settings from wherever you are. Simply log in and you can update advertisements, inspirational content, change playlists, settings, in a split second.


2. At the right spot

Just like other marketing tools, they are there to help you to be more relevant to your customers. With digital signage for advertising, you can target specific areas of your network to achieve the most impact. Having your displays at the right spot and the ability to get your message on that display from wherever you are, you can be there where the people are. With a quick-to-digest message. Or, when there's more time to get content-food, a nice-looking time-consuming branding video. Whatever you want, but mostly what's relevant at that moment to that specific audience.


3. Vary your message

When you use MagicINFO for advertising you have all the features you need to vary your message and to be as specific as you want to reach your audience. A general playlist type and schedule can bring you a lot of fun already. But the Advertising playlist type and schedule are also good to explore. With this, you can not only set playback time and frequency, but you can use slots to play around with adverts and never have a dull moment. This will also catch the eye of your target group. 


4. Easily scalable

Changing the number of displays in your signage network is easy to do with digital signage advertising software. When you need to be seen in more places, just add displays to your network. We have that up and running in no time and without interruption.


5. Reporting

MagicINFO offers some important statistics that bring you proof of play. You can show which ads have been published, when, and where. So if you are an advertising agency you will need it, but also as a marketeer you surely want to show some results to your manager. Samsung is acknowledging the power of knowledge and is developing its signage analytics features within MagicINFO. Once we have more news about this development, you will be the first to know!


Use the technology you already have and grow with it

MagicINFO already offers a lot of functionalities that can help you with your advertisement campaigns. Dive into them and keep your eye on new developments in signage. New technologies are emerging and there are some great news options on the market to discover already. Like event-based content, video analytics, and facial recognition, all to grow your business. These are pretty new to use, you'd probably be one of the first if you start now. Technically, it's there waiting for you to start with truly smart signage campaigns.


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