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Step 4 of creating a Content Strategy in 5 steps

Step 4 of creating a Content Strategy in 5 steps
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The right message, the right place, the right time, and the right audience. These four elements determine the effectiveness of your communication. When one of the four elements disappears, there is little chance that you will be able to convince your audience.

But how do you determine what the right message is? How do you discover the right spots for your displays? Which moment do you choose for which message? And are you reaching the right audience? In this blog series, we teach you to think beyond your screen. We help you build a solid content strategy for your digital signage. We do that step by step in this blog series about Content strategy. Today we start with Step 4: Define your message. 

Are you just getting started with digital signage? Do you struggle to create engaging content that effectively reaches your desired target audience? Then check out this pillar page offering a detailed guide for all things content related. 


Now it's time to start thinking about the content you're going to publish on the displays. While for many people content is the first step in digital signage, a message can only be effective if it comes from steps 1 to 3.

The customers' route

Think carefully about who the viewer is and what they need. Do you know about your customers that they experience waiting as a pain point, then you can show information on a display in the waiting area about how to approach an appointment directly the next time. If you want to persuade customers to sell, it is not wise to mount the display at the exit. Think per display what your calls-to-actions will be to achieve your goal. There are a number of important things to keep in mind here. For example, the time your audience has at that moment determines the content you show. If you reach people who just walk by, a 15-second message falls on deaf ears. If a customer has more time, is it important not to show the same thing over and over? Work with a sandwich formula: don't just show entertainment or information, but alternate informative messages with attention grabbers. This also applies to the screens themselves: don't show the same everywhere, but alternate. That keeps it interesting.

Use all options

Remember that a display is essentially different from the old-fashioned banner and think outside the box. Let displays reinforce each other by telling a message together, or work alternately with small interactive displays and large overview displays. And if you want to keep it up to date, make sure you automate your content. A link with news, agendas, or social media is quickly made.


This is the part you've been looking for! Be creative and keep steps 1 to 3 in mind!


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Do you have your content strategy all set and ready to start using MagicINFO but are not sure how to implement it? Perhaps MagicINFO Onboarding is just what you need. In 6 steps you end up with a configured MagicINFO account according to your digital signage goals. A great option for anyone who's just starting with MagicINFO. 

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