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Step 3 of creating a Content Strategy in 5 steps

Step 3 of creating a Content Strategy in 5 steps
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The right message, the right place, the right time, and the right audience. These four elements determine the effectiveness of your communication. When one of the four elements disappears, there is little chance that you will be able to convince your audience.

But how do you determine what the right message is? How do you discover the right spots for your displays? Which moment do you choose for which message? And are you reaching the right audience? In this blog series, we teach you to think beyond your screen. We help you build a solid content strategy for your digital signage. We do that step by step in this blog series about Content strategy. Today we start with Step 3 Determine the location of your displays.

Do you want to gain a thorough understanding of how to create content for your displays? Have a look at our pillar page covering this topic.  


Now that your digital signage goals have been determined, it's time to determine the location for the displays. You may already have your displays up; then now is the ideal time to check whether they are hanging in the right locations.

First, draw the walking routes. Observe customers, employees, and other visitors as they enter and map out how they walk. Do their walking routes differ from each other? Employees probably move around the building differently than customers. Do you notice that there is a need for information on some points? In a waiting room, informative and/or entertaining content can ease the waiting time, in the absence of signage or explanation, a display can offer a solution.

Focus on hotspots and gathering zones

Every building has its 'gathering zones': the places where people unconsciously gather. This is settled in the reception area, where guests wait to be welcomed to be called. However, for employees this can be a completely different space; think of the canteen, the table tennis table, or the coffee machine. If people are generally in a hurry, there is often time left in these gathering zones. When a cup of coffee is made, people will be more accessible to information than when they work hard.


Walk around and observe. See it from the eyes of your target audience and you know to find the best spot.


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