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Step 2 of creating a Content Strategy in 5 steps

Step 2 of creating a Content Strategy in 5 steps
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The right message, the right place, the right time, and the right audience. These four elements determine the effectiveness of your communication. When one of the four elements disappears, there is little chance that you will be able to convince your audience.

But how do you determine what the right message is? How do you discover the right spots for your displays? Which moment do you choose for which message? And are you reaching the right audience? In this blog series, we teach you to think beyond your screen. We help you build a solid content strategy for your digital signage. We do that step by step in this blog series about Content strategy. Today we start with Step 2 Set your goal.

If you'd like to read more about how to create content using digital signage and MagicINFO, make sure to check out our pillar page!


What is your higher goal?

When you have purchased displays, you probably did this with a clear purpose. You may want to highlight news items, show atmospheric images, or give your menu a prominent place.

Although digital signage often starts with thinking about a display, a good content strategy is about more than the content of your display. A well-thought-out digital signage strategy can serve as support for a higher goal: think of improving internal communication within a company, increasing customer experience, or stimulating direct sales.


Why did you choose signage? And when you already have displays installed, can you tell the underlying purpose of these displays? If your (business) space consists of different parts, it may well be that the goals differ per display.

Take a critical look at which goals lie behind your digital signage and whether these goals are being achieved. What is going well, and what could be improved? Or if you don't have any displays yet: what is your goal and how will you best achieve this?


This is a short blog but the outcome of this step can be very extensive. Take your time! 

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Do you have your content strategy all set and ready to start using MagicINFO but are not sure how to implement it? Perhaps MagicINFO Onboarding is just what you need.  In 6 steps you end up with a configured MagicINFO account according to your digital signage goals. A great option for anyone who's just starting with MagicINFO. 

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