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Sending out a quick message

Sending out a quick message
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Sometimes (is it sometimes?!) you just have a message that everybody needs to know or just one that really needs to pop out. Instead of diving into your playlists and adjusting every page, we like to inform you that there is a much easier way to get your message out there. Use Message! Say what? Yes, use Message to send out a quick message for everyone to see. Sometimes it's just that obvious...

What is it and why is it there?

The Message function allows you to send out a message on top of your running playlist. It will be shown no matter what's already published. It's a small text area, that looks like an RSS, that you can position the way you want it and make some adjustments like adding an effect, define time, date, and repetition. It's also possible to create a background so it really stands out of the running playlist. You can send it out to your whole display network or select which device should show the message. In most cases, Message is used for immediate or urgent messages for no one to be missed. 

How you can use it?

We can't tell what your important message is of course, but here are some suggestions:

Schedule changes
Use it to communicate people's availability and presence. 'Today, Jim is working from home.'

Communicate opening hours
When opening hours deviate, the Message function is also good to use. When you know when the opening hours are changing, you can prepare the message so no one will face a closed door.

Birthday celebration
Because you can set a date when the message needs to be shown, why not use it to say Congratulations?

Get together shout out

Why send out an email or use Slack to communicate to everyone to join? If you really want everyone to come, use your display!  'Today lunch is ready at 12 AM', ' Beer is cold at 4 PM' If you want a select group of people to join, you can select displays, or still use direct messaging. ;-)


Do you want to start using this feature of MagicINFO? Have a look at this tutorial explaining how you can set this up. And while you are on our YouTube page, don't forget to subscribe! 


Want to learn more features? We provide in-dept trainings for content managers. Click here to find out more.





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