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Reduce stress with Advanced Backup Play

Reduce stress with Advanced Backup Play
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Did you know about the Advanced Backup Play feature in MagicINFO? No? Well, if you have business critical information shown on your displays, do continue reading because this feature will lower down your stress level. A functionality that ensures that your content is constantly delivered even in the event of a display malfunction, so you can sit back and relax.


What is Advances Backup Play and why is it there?

Using the Advanced Backup Play feature allows you to set a display as a backup screen or main screen depending on the importance of the content. Previously, backup screen automatically plays a vital content item if the content source of the main screen encounters any issues such as an error or no signal. With this Advanced Backup Play feature, backup screen not only can play the main screens content but also play its original content (toggle) depending on the settings. So when one display has an error, the display set as a backup will take over the information that was shown on the displays with an error. This ensures you that the right information is always published. 


How you can use Advances Backup Play?
When you are responsible for providing the right information where people rely on, having Advanced Backup Play all set really gives you a relaxed feeling. You know that you have a Plan B in case of malfunction. Here are some examples of critical information in industries where people eat and breath based on what's on display.

Digital Menu Boards
The Advanced Backup Play feature is often used in QSR for digital menu boards. With this set, you are sure pricing information and offers are published so you don't miss out on any revenue and the customers will keep on eating. 


Backup Display Play


Important schedules 
A train station, an airport, a bus stop. Every location where people need to be well and up to date informed Advanced Backup Play is an essential feature. Are you responsible for having this information shared? From now on, you can get a good night's sleep having this set. 

Also in logistics employees rely on the information that is shown on display. There's no time to repair the display first and investigate the problem. Information is key for continuing daily work and make sure everything is right on time. 

Displaying dashboards is really important for keeping track of your business and making sure everything is up and running. So do you have business critical information on your displays? Advanced Backup Play, is what you need.

Do you really want to be sure, your content is always published? Dive into this feature and it will give you the peace of mind that you are looking for. But, you do need a second screen that's working.


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