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Reasons to use Preset Management

Reasons to use Preset Management
by Joey
1 min read

Preset Management is a great functionality that will save a lot of time by providing multiple displays with the same settings at one go. This function allows you to provide your displays with the same timer settings, Network Bandwidth Limit, intervals, sources etc. These are just a very few options of the many possibilities.

Many people use Preset Management to ensure that the displays are set up equally. Creating a Preset Management can be done by going to Device and Preset Management. Here you can add a preset, provide it with a name and select your organization. Once that is done, you can select the settings you want to publish to all your devices.

To ensure each device will take the preset as good as possible, we advise to create preset groups per device model. For example, if you have 10 DB32E and 5 QB75R, we suggest you create 2 separate presets. One for the DB group and one for the QB group. It can happen that 1 preset will work for both models, but if not, we suggest creating two. In addition to that, if the devices do not use the preset, we suggest ensuring that all the devices have the same firmware version.

We also published a YouTube tutorial showing you how to configure Preset Management

Any questions regarding preset management? Feel free to send us an email at sales@magicinfoservices.com 

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