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Q-image - change web content into an image

Q-image - change web content into an image
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Nothing is as annoying as a flickering webpage on your display because of the unstable internet. Or when it's not showing the right up to date information and people get misinformed. But it also often occurs that a connection between data sources can not be made and MagicINFO is not able to retrieve the latest data. Which means, you can't show any of your web content, regardless of how much you want it! Or perhaps you still have some older Orsay displays in your network that simply don't have the ability to publish web content at all. Well, to summarize: there are more reasons why publishing web content is not always as easy as it seems. 


Are you struggling to get your web content on your display? We probably have the solution for your quest with an upcoming utility called Q-image. This utility converts web urls into an easy to use image and transfer this to your MagicINFO account. Nothing more, nothing less, just a plain jpg which all displays can show. Yes, this is probably the hero that you were waiting for.  


Transfer, publish and replace
As said Q-image will convert urls into images. The image will be directly available on your MagicINFO server and you can use it to create a playlist. Once the playlist is published the image will be shown on your display. You won't even notice that it is information from the web or a customized widget. A great feature is that when the web information changes Q-image will take another screenshot and republish and replace the running item automatically


  1. Use info from another source and create a url (widget) or a url with any kind of info.
  2. Setup Q-image with your url and an interval how often a new screenshot has to be created from the url. 
  3. Q-image transfers the image to the MagicINFO server.
  4. Now you can create a mind blowing playlist.
  5. Publish the playlist.
  6. Finally, you just have to rely on version control and interval updates. Let MagicINFO and Q-image work together and do what they do best.


To anyone who's

'.struggling to get web content on display.

'.want to show information from another source but so far without any luck.

'.has an Orsay display (or multiple) on which they want to use with web content.


You don't have to struggle anymore or keep searching for workarounds.

Let's talk about Q-image and find out if this could be your hero that saves the day.

Just contact us at sales@magicinfoservices.com. It's as simple as that.



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