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NFC triggers on a Samsung LED wall

NFC triggers on a Samsung LED wall
by Joey
1 min read

In a previous blog we have shown that NFC can be connected to MagicINFO. This great tool allows you to create triggers which allow you to provide extra attention to certain products for example. That's only one of the many possibilities that it offers.


NFC is available on S6 players and higher. NFC offers a wide variety of opportunities, apart from lifting items of the reader, you can also decide to show specific content for your customers for example. You can place the reader near a product, put a chip or a sticker underneath a product and assign content to that chip. Next up you can place the product onto the reader, and it will show the assigned content on the device. It's even possible to play content on multiple devices!


Reverse lifting

Instead of only showing content when a certain subject reaches the NFC reader, it's also possible to do the reverse. With these we mean whenever you lift up a product of its position, the display will show content. Now the differences are the amount of NFC readers in this case.
If you want to show content every time an item reaches the reader, you will only need 1 reader. If you want to show content every time an item gets raised from its spot, you will need a reader for the number of products you have.



Apart from the visual attractiveness, it also provides valuable insights. With the lifting you can see which trigger gets lifted the most in order to analyse which products are the most popular. Based on this, you can decide which product deserves more attention in order to boost your sales!



We have a standard NFC package ready to send out! If this is what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.

If you have any interest or ideas regarding NFC and you are wondering how this will fit your company, feel free to contact us at sales@magicinfoservices.com.

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