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MagicINFO V8 is on its way

MagicINFO V8 is on its way
by Joey
1 min read

A new version MagicINFO will be released later this year and it will bring a new list of features with it. Samsung has been intensively working on the 8th version of the MagicINFO software, and with success. This version opens up new possibilities and allows users to customize the software even further.


MagicINFO V8 comes with a ton of new features, to list some:

  • Conditional content scheduling
  • Advanced email notifications
  • Direct remote control
  • Advanced password policy
  • Full featured API
  • Advanced device preset

Samsung expects to release MagicINFO 8 in the second half of 2020. Are you curious what MagicINFO 8 does? Feel free to sign up for our demo that explains it all. It also comes with a Q&A section where your questions will be answered.

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