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MagicINFO S-Player vs I-Player

MagicINFO S-Player vs I-Player
by Joey
1 min read

Many different player types can be used to schedule content on your digital signage displays. The players come in different shapes and sizes, but also different capacities and capabilities. In this blog, we will touch upon the differences between the S-Player/Premium and the I-Player. For the S-Player/Premium we're using the S6 player, which is found in many young displays.  Newer displays that have newer players, S7 and higher, are better, faster, and more improved players.


The S6-Players are also known as the Premium players, the I-Players are external Windows computers that can be used as external MagicINFO players. With MagicINFO it's possible to install the so-called I-Player software on Windows computers and use these Windows computers as external players. These external Windows computers can be attached to (any type of) digital signage displays. This connection will be made via HDMI.


The differences

Differences Between S6 Player and I-Player

The main differences can be seen in the table, the I-Player's biggest advantages are its RAM storage and the benefits that come along. Such as that content can be displayed quicker.

When connecting an I-Player to displays, you cannot remotely watch along on the I-Player as you're used to with the S-Players. However, if the displays are Samsung's digital signage, you can activate them in Remote Management mode. This way you can still watch the displays live.

With the I-Player you are free to create files in the desired resolution. This can be done by using the MagicINFO Premium Author, which is an additional piece of software.


All in all, both players have their advantages as you can see in the table. For the I-Player, Samsung created a list of requirements in order to work properly. This list can be found right here.

For both players, the Premium cloud subscription/ license is required.

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