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MagicINFO as secondary CMS

MagicINFO as secondary CMS
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As a supplier and distributor of MagicINFO you would say we always advise to use the full features of MagicINFO and to use 'nly as your primary CSM for signage. So it might sound crazy to promote MagicINFO as a secondary CMS. But why not?  There are in fact good reasons to do so! In this blog, we will take a closer look at the benefits and possibilities this offers.


Switching software for signage is often a major decision. After all, operations within a company such as IT systems, content creators, and sales know exactly how the existing digital signage system works. We notice that it is almost impossible to switch software, especially at large AV companies.

But the software market is changing rapidly. In order to remain AGILE, large AV companies are increasingly choosing to use MagicINFO for remote control and fallback in addition to their existing CMS and external players.



Perhaps the most important consideration is the fallback option. Suppose the signage player breaks or freezes. The display automatically switches to MagicINFO as a secondary source and plays a default playlist that has been set. Content continuity is important and the odds that a screen will go black is close to nothing.



You have absolute control over a Samsung display from a distance and this can mean a lot for building a secured signage system. For example, you can disable the ports like USB, DVI, or enable and descale the buttons and WIFI. Next to this you can set up and change network ports for communication remotely. Using your own SSL certificates etc. And, MagicINFO is ISO 27001 certified.



Having full remote access to the Samsung displays is extremely cost-efficient and will save you a trip to solve problems on sight. Not only do you have extensive remote hardware control. But also you are fully in charge of the monitoring options Remote management brings, such as allowing you to keep a close eye on what is physically happening on the display. Remote firmware update of the display. No need to purchase additional hardware for a second CMS system, you have already bought it with the Samsung display.


There are two options to purchase MagicINFO as secondary CMS:


1. MagicINFO as full additional CMS. Access to the Author, content, playlists and schedules and all other possibilities.

2. RM in combination with an SSSP application. You have full remote access to your displays and you can upload a video at any organization in MagicINFO. So you don't have full access to MagicINFO but have 1 video as a fallback option. 


When you are using Samsung professional displays, it makes sense to use one of the two options. Would you like to know more about how you can add MagicINFO to your signage system?  Why not just contact us?


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