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Landscape or portrait display?

Landscape or portrait display?
by Joey
1 min read

Displays come in many different sizes, shapes and models. It might be a maze in the beginning to figure out what you need exactly. Now all devices can also be placed in landscape and portrait mode. Sometimes one way works better for the purpose you have in mind than the other, this depends on the content you want to show and where the display is located.


In various situations one way of orientation will be better than the other, this strongly depends on how the display is mounted. Portrait mode is great for showing products for example. By using portrait, you get the option to fill the entire display with a longer-sized product so that it gets the attention it deserves. For a broader product, like a shoe, for example, it's better to use landscape. This is because the product will be better visible on a landscape display.


A fun fact to be aware of is that all digital signage displays can be placed both ways. You can change the settings from portrait to landscape and vice versa. This can be done by using the remote control and going to the display. Once you're there, you can use the remote control, click on Menu > OnScreen Display > Display orientation (please first go to HDMI 1 source to get this function available) > OnScreen Menu Orientation. This is the option you can change from landscape to portrait, once this is done the rest of the device settings will also be set to the selected settings.


Please make sure that the landscape and portrait require different content, once your display has been connected as one of the two settings, the WebAuthor will change the orientation as well. This means if you have a portrait display connected, the WebAuthor will allow you to create portrait content only.

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