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Know where to look for - solving 3 common issues

Know where to look for - solving 3 common issues
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When you are using MagicINFO as your signage solution and you run into troubles, you can look into the knowledge base and search for an answer, contact the support desk, ask a colleague or you can just Google it! If you're the self-help type of person and go to your favorite online search engine, I hope you run into this blog where we mention 3 issues that you can easily solve yourself if you know where to look for. 


Issue 1: Your screen is black

A display that's black is one of the most common problems and of course one with possibly large impact. Here are some things that you can check and do when this happens:


  • Check if the display is switched on? Does it have power and are all cables connected?
    You can physically go to your display and check if there is any power or login to MagicINFO and see if the device is connected to the server. If it's off for some reason, just switch it back on using the remote control, remotely via MagicINFO or physically. If the screen has power but is still blank, check the input is correct using the remote. Sometimes, changing the input to an incorrect one, then back to the right one can fix the problem.
  • Check if the content meets the right specifications
    It can occur that your file type is disrupting the publishing process and causing the black screen. You can check if this is the problem by signing into MagicINFO and go to the Device section, here you select the device that shows no content and check the tab 'Content download status'. If the content is causing the problem, we advise to check if the content match these specifications:

Images: bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, tiff. DPI: 72.  Full RGB colour. Max. size 1920X1080px. No capitals or symbols in the file name.
Videos: avi, wmv, mp4, mov, mpg, mpeg. Max. 25FPS. Max size 1920X1080px. It's best to keep your files as small as possible.

If you found the problem and a solution Go to Home > Select player > Go to Network channel to reconnect the player back to the MagicINFO server.


Issue 2: Unable to play content or change the content

When you run into this issue there can be multiple causes, but here we will mention the most common one. 


  • Check if your display has internet access
    Go to the menu of the display, choose Network and then check the Network status.  If it's not the display is not connected to the internet the content can't be downloaded.
  • Has the schedule the right planning and is it linked to the right display?
    A mistake is easily made. So, it's good to run to the process again and pay extra attention to the right time and date and selecting the right device. Sometimes it occurs that a playlist is just mis-scheduled and because of that, not published. 


Issue 3:  The display shows 'no cable connected'

This is one of the most hated messages on displays, as far as we know. There are multiple reasons why your display is showing this message. But here are two reasons we often see:


  • Check if the display is set to the right source
    The device is set to the wrong source. This has to be MagicINFO-S of course, so to solve this enter the device remotely or go to your device and go to the Home menu, choose Player and Network channel, this will reactivate the MagicINFO player.  Or login to MagicINFO and check your on-off timer settings of the device because this is where you can adjust the source as well to MagicINFO Lite/s.
  • Poor internet connection
    This is often the case when this message is shown. We recommend choosing cable instead of WIFI. But to get content to your display, you can use your phone as a hotspot and send the content to the display.


Did this blog not help at all or you simply just don't want to know where to look for, you can always contact support by calling us, sending in a ticket or email. We will tell no one that you ask our help to fix the problem. ;-)


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