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Just tag it

Just tag it
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Do you have multiple displays at different locations? Or are you dealing with a great variety in messages and therefore have a lot of playlists? We got you covered! 

Keeping published items up to date and content flows manageable is sometimes difficult. Especially when you're dealing with many different types of content for displays at different locations. Maybe you don't work in a team and have shared tasks so you have to manage it all alone? Well, don't be overwhelmed or feel stressed. MagicINFO Premium offers a super handy feature that can help you simplify and keep control. Just tag it!


By using tags you link the content item to the displays. If the tags match, that specific item will be published. Super easy. This feature is very useful when you are dealing with a lot of content items. But even if you are dealing with simply many different types of messages. Think of specific department information or product categories, or location-specific information. Instead of creating a bunch of different playlists for each department and publishing it to the specific display group, you create just 1 playlist and let the display do the work. What do you? Let's say you create your content item for the sales department, specify the publishing date, time and duration. And here it is, most importantly, tag the item with 'sales'. The displays with the same tag "sales" picks up this content item at the right time and will publish it.


Reasons to use tags:

  • good to use when dealing with a lot of variance in content messages
  • very handy when you have lost the overview in all your type of playlists - just replace this with tags and you get an overview again working in 1 playlist
  • suitable whether you work in a small or large team


Interested in tags? Watch the webinar recording.


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