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Interior and signage: a perfect combination

Interior and signage: a perfect combination
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Digital menu boards, infocasting, wayfinding, internal company information, a branding video, or a flashy promotional message. Displays are more becoming a part of the office interior or shop on a daily basis. Employees are better informed and retail staff and customers experience the convenience of indoor digital signage in daily practice, as well as in turnover. At ScreenCom MagicInfo Services we are convinced that no interior should consist just out of furniture, cabins and carpets. To tell the full story of your business, adding indoor signage to your interior will lift things up. 


Indoor digital signage in retail

Displays play an important role in various store concepts when it comes to sales stimulation and customer experience. Shoppers can see the special offers but are also immersed in the brand. They can get an extra sales incentive in the queue or some extra product information. Digital signage supports the Points of Sale and, simultaneously, manages communication with the customer and ensures that customers in the store get a consistent experience with the brand. Thanks to a digitizing approach, the boundaries between the channels are becoming increasingly blurred. This way, the customer can orientate himself online, but receive advice and order in the store: click and collect. And vice-versa! Customers can go on an expedition in the physical store and buy online at the store - via one of the touchscreens. An ultimate omnichannel approach. These are interactive store concepts that retailers dream of.


Indoor digital signage part of corporate communications

Nowadays professional signage displays blend harmoniously into any timeless interior. This enhances a brand experience and gives an extra innovative impression in offices and working environments. But ultimately it is also about the message that is communicated, which makes signage such an effective medium. Think of the use of displays to inform visitors, welcome them and wayfinding. Displays ensuring that employees are always informed about the latest company news, production figures, together with the world news, weather and traffic information, for example. In today's office buildings, displays are playing a very important role, replacing traditional pinboards and paper memos faster than ever before.


The right hardware for a subtle integration, but full control

Samsung offers a great range in- and semi-outdoor displays, displays for creating video walls, mirror displays and stretched displays, in all conceivable sizes and brightness. Thanks to their sleek design, the Smart Signage displays from Samsung can be included in almost any design and concept. These displays are equipped with an internal player, making them easy to blend in and in most cases, no extra box or cable is needed. So you don't have to worry about loose black cables hanging around. With the online content distribution system, such as MagicINFO, the catchy message can be published to the right audience at the right time and managed remotely. The software also enables the administrator to remotely assign hardware settings to the display, such as security settings. Also, the content and status of the display can also be monitored via the online management panel using the remote management features. Which is ideal when the display is neatly concealed and is not so easy to remove from the housing. With an internet connection and power, the display is always accessible.


One software package, suitable for multiple purposes

We are a big fan of MagicINFO not only because of its remote management and endless designing options. It can really bring your creative ideas to life because you can manage an infinite number of displays, but also a variety of displays. You can manage stand-alone displays, but also LED cabinets and can create an art wall or video wall of any size. And from the creative point of view MagicINFO allows you to make links with external data sources. This will open a whole new set of innovative options to work efficiently and improve results and relevance. For example, a link with POS systems, a data asset management system. Or create (advertising) playlists based on tags and event triggers. Especially the event trigger-based feature combined with gender recognition and sensors will surely bring your indoor signage to the next level. 


You can say that indoor digital signage is perfect for any interior if you are looking to improve sales, inform or enhance your customer's experience. It all starts with having a well-thought-out plan, the right hard- and software, and a great set of creative minds.

Want to talk about how you can bring indoor signage into your business? Let's meet! 

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