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Implementing Microsoft Power BI dashboard into MagicINFO

Implementing Microsoft Power BI dashboard into MagicINFO
by Joey
1 min read

Showing the dashboard on your displays can provide you with a great overview of what is going on at the moment. This can be a sales overview, production status, or any other information that is relevant to you. Now Microsoft has created a business analytics service named Power BI. This tool allows users to create interactive visualizations thanks to an interface that is simple enough for users to create their own reports and dashboards.

Having those dashboards is really handy and provides clear insights into data, but why keep all the data for yourself? With MagicINFO you can share this dashboard with your digital signage display so you can share this information within your organization. Here are some ideas that could be shared:

  1. Business data to make an impression
    • Showing sales figures to see where the business is at or which representative has the highest sales.
  2. Stable solution for critical business information
    • Not only does MagicINFO allow you to publish web elements, it also allows you to have full control over your display thanks to Remote Management.
  3. Smart systems create smart people
    • By getting the right insights it might open great insights.


How to implement the Power BI dashboard to MagicINFO?
Make sure you have created a report and have this report ready to share. Here are the steps in order how to do so:

- Click on File (top left)
- Select the Publish To Web option
- Create Embed Code & Publish
- Copy the second (HTML) link


Now open MagicINFO and make sure to log in.

- Go to Content
- Click on New
- Select Web URL
- Give the content item a name and paste the link from Power BI.
- Save the content item, put it in a playlist, and schedule this content item to your display.


Now if the Publish to web option isn't what you're looking for from Power BI, you can check this video and see which method suits your needs.


* Currently only available on digital signage displays with an S10 player and higher.

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