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How to introduce digital signage to your company

How to introduce digital signage to your company
by Joey
2 min read

More companies these days are making the transition from printed promotion to digital promotion. In case you still have folders, flyers, leaflets and posters hanging around, the chances are that they might not get the attention they deserve. In other branches, how convenient would it be that all employees can be internally informed within the blink of an eye? Sounds good right, digital signage can be used more than advertising alone, it can also help sharing internal information throughout the company. 


As mentioned in the introduction above, for commercial goals it can contribute greatly. This because a digital signage device attracts the attention from people by showing moving content. Attractive and catchy videos work great in order to get attention. This way the digital content can replace or complement the printed information. Initially the price for the digital signage devices and the MagicINFO software is somewhat different than the price for printed promotion. However, we can ensure you that this investment is worth its money and with the right content you will see your sales increase. Not convinced on purchasing the devices for your company yet? You can also search for a companies that have devices for rent. This way you can try and see if the engagement will be higher with the use of Samsung digital signage displays and MagicINFO.


Sometimes businesses can grow quite rapidly which makes it harder to inform everyone properly. The digital signage devices can help spreading information internally. For example, invitations and reminders of meetings/ holidays/ birthdays or general information, all can be shared on the devices to remind people. 


In addition to the information mentioned above, digital signage can also help guiding the way. An example could be a big transportation company that receives several trucks a day, by having the digital signage displays it can help guiding them where they need to be. This can be inside and outside. It can also provide information to production companies to show the status of the production process.


All in all, there are several ways of making use of digital signage devices for different industries. Of course every industry has its own way of making use of it, but in the end the devices can contribute to the different companies in different ways. If you wish to discuss your digital signage situation with us, feel free to reach out to us at sales@magicinfoservices.com 

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