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Here's how to work with tagged content

Here's how to work with tagged content
by Joey
1 min read

Do you have multiple displays at different locations? Or are you dealing with a great variety in messages and therefore have a lot of playlists? With plenty of content we can imagine that sometimes you might lose the overview of what is playing where. A great way to solve this issue is by using tags.


How it works
Tagged content allows you to provide your content with a certain tag, and you can decide if you want your device to play that tag or not. For example, if you have 100 content items uploaded and 10 of them have the tag 'Dog'. If you go to your device, you can activate that your device only plays certain tags. Which means, that you can tell your device to only play the content items with the tag 'Dog'. So out of your 100 content items, your device will only play the 10 items that have the tag.


This is a really great feature to play content really easy and to distinguish your content. Curious what this will look like and how to set it up? Watch the video below.




Webinar: Dive into tags! Want to learn more about it? Why not sign up for the pre-recorded webinar we gave in november last year. We broadcast this webinar again Thursday the 10th of March at 15 CET. It's with live Q&A, so if you have any questions about this topic, you can get answers directly from our experts! Sign up right here!


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