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#Flattenthecurve with Digital Signage

#Flattenthecurve with Digital Signage
by Joey
2 min read

COVID-19 has the world in a shock, made people really creative and got a lot of people working from home. We're doing all of this in order to stay safe and making sure we can win this together, let's flatten the curve!


Spreading messages online is a quick way of doing so, but digital signage can also help getting the message across! By showing friendly reminders on the displays of the distance separation, protective equipment and staying home we can win this together.


Hospitals and Medical offices

Some businesses are running way over their maximum capacity and we should do our best to prevent these offices to crash. By using digital signage in medial settings, it can help spreading the message, such as the waiting times, keeping the distance and reminding the people to way their hands. By providing people with this information on the displays, it reduces the waiting time and provides them with the right information.


The hospitals can also use digital signage for their waiting rooms for example, to constantly provide up to date figures regarding the virus and to show how every individual can contribute to flatten the curve. Live pages and RSS feeds are a great contribution to showcase up-to-date information.

MagicINFO Dashboard Template


Grocery stores

Luckily the people in the grocery stores are still working and doing their best to provide everyone with food and drinks to get through this hard time. Digital signage in grocery stores is a great tool to remind people of the key information, such as keeping the distance and making sure not to touch too many things that you don't need. It can even go deeper; grocery stores can hang up cameras that count the amount of people in the stores and set a certain limit. Whenever this limit gets reached, the display can inform the people to wait at the entrance because the maximum amount of people has been reached. As soon as other people leave the store, the light can turn green again and a new customer can enter.


Also, in the grocery stores, live pages and RSS feeds are a great tool to showcase up-to-date information regarding the virus.




Forcing the shutdown of restaurants is horrific for every owner, however, some have been able to stay open for take-aways or deliveries. By making use of the display that is placed near a window, you can get the attention of making people aware that your restaurant is open for delivery or take-aways.

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