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Distance-based content triggering

Distance-based content triggering
by Joey
1 min read

Do you want to increase the customer experience and engagement by adding another feature to your digital signage set-up? These days there are many different sensors that can help you trigger different kinds of content. The distance sensor is a great example to grab the attention of your customers.

With the distance sensor, you are able to add another layer to the way that you use signage to enhance the experience of your customers or visitors. With a distance sensor, you can play your regular content but once someone enters a certain area, set by yourself, different content will start playing. This could be product information or a video about a specific product that you want to highlight.
If you have a product placed somewhere with a distance sensor next to it, you can set up the content to change once a customer is in close proximity to that product. The sensor will trigger the content to change and the customers will be surprised to see that there is different content on the screen because of them entering the given area.
It is possible to play around with the distance from where content will be played following the trigger signal of the sensor. Content can be played if someone simply walks by to get their attention, or it could only be played when someone is very close to the product or the display.

The distance sensor is a great addition to any retail store. With this method, certain products can be highlighted and given extra attention. You could think of the products that have discounts that week, new products, or just the best-selling products of a store to be highlighted.

As shown in the video, the distance sensor is set up in combination with our YoYo solution. This solution can be configured with the MagicINFO software in order to display content based on the trigger that is sent to the YoYo device through the distance sensor. If you would like to know more about YoYo and the distance sensor, feel free to send us an email at


In case you want to see more of the sensors in combination with YoYo, feel free to sign up for the YoYo advanced webinar. Here we will discuss the different kinds of triggers that are possible to combine with our solution.




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