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Digital signage improves the process of receiving goods

Digital signage improves the process of receiving goods
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In big logistic centers, it can be quite a hassle to get the right truck at the right place at the right time. It's not always clear which chauffeur has to be at which location at what time. So why not make things easier for everyone?


By creating a menu for the chauffeurs where they can select what they are transporting, you can determine where they have to park for example. Next to this, the displays can provide the chauffeurs with a map. This can be accomplished by using a digital signage display or a LED panel showing the right directions.

Once the chauffeurs have reached the spot, you can determine whether they can start unloading straight away or it's time for them to grab a coffee first. All this can be shown on the displays. You can even show a Livestream of the docking spots so that they can see themselves whenever they are ready to start unloading.

Another reason for the use of digital signage can be to show relevant information such as safety rules and regulations, procedures, and the weather, just to name a few possible examples.


Internal support

Not only can the digital signage displays boost the process of receiving goods, but also the process of internal communication. For example, showing information regarding the planning, availability, and entertainment. Next to these examples, it can also show internally which truck is currently unloading and what the planning is for the incoming trucks.


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