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Customize your store-signage to the weather and make more sales

Customize your store-signage to the weather and make more sales
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 React to the weather, such as heat, snow and rain, with digital signage to increase sales.

Have a screen-party, you can make displays dance like weather vanes. Adjust your displays according to the weather.

Whether it's raining, hailing or the sun is shining, the weather sets up the pass, so you can score the goal.


How and why?

From raindrops to rush hour

Imagine the following scenario: the weather app tells you that rain is on its way. As the first drops fall, you enable your rain-playlist on the digital signage and show the following:

  • An offer with umbrellas: 'Going home soaked? Or rather buy your umbrella here?'
  • Images of sunny travel destinations which let people daydream about their upcoming trip.

Warm content which invites people to stay a bit longer, such as customer stories, demos or an interactive related to your assortment

Easy yet so effective. Why's that? It's because you pick up on what's on the customers minds. Doing this makes them warmer towards your offers.

Customize Your Store Digital Signage to the Weather

Does your signage need to sell or inspire?

The more extreme the weather, the bigger the direct need for specific products. And don't forget, the bigger the chance of impulse purchases.

Don't limit yourself to the sun and the cold, however. With a bit of fantasy, you can turn every type of weather and season into something that attracts customers.


Name a few needs that your customers might have and give them some help. Here are several examples which you could offer your customers:

  • Rain: The customer wants to remain dry.
    • You're promoting: a rain suit and/or water-resisting spray for shoes.
  • Heat: The customer wants to feel fresh and stay hydrated.
    • You're promoting: deodorant, sun cr'me and/or chilled beverages.
  • Snow: The customer wants an ice-free drive and warm feet.
    • You're promoting: salt and/or warm boots.

Your first reflex might be to push these items on the digital displays saying Buy this now!

This works, but you can also consider a more subtle approach: In your content you could point out the danger of sun creme or the commitment of shovelling snow on your front path. You will reach a lot of people much more quickly because you hit a sensitive nerve.

How to Customize Digital Signage to the Weather

Indoors or outdoors? One climate!

Whatever you're creating, don't lose consistency in your messages. It's important that your customer recognizes your brand in all your messages. It's only by doing this that your story makes sense.

The same consistency also helps if you're thinking outside the box, such as:

  • You don't just have outdoor screens, but outdoor or semi-outdoor displays as well. You can use the shop window displays to attract people: 'Come inside where it's warm and dry and discover our offers.' You can play with the customers with indoor screens too: 'Get 10% discount on all our umbrellas, while it's raining.'
  • You have a physical outlet, but also online sales channels that work seamlessly together. In other words, you're completely omni-channel. Make sure that your weather-orientated content and deals are visible in all locations, with the same conditions. By doing this, you won't lose customers switching between online and offline, but you'll gain them because they run into different offers more often.


Rise or shine: your signage returns

Find it tricky to adjust your content to the weather? Take a look at the weather outside, pretend you're a customer and give them with relevant sales messages, inspiration or branding messages.

Weather related and relevant.

 This is how you get more efficiency out of the digital signage in your shop.

Source: Samsung Evolve

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