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Create animated content

Create animated content
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When does your investment in digital signage fail? When using the wrong content for the wrong audience. So investing time and effort in creating the best possible digital signage content is probably the best thing that you can do to make your signage worthwhile. What does "best content" mean to you? What will work? How does it need to look to appeal to your audience and achieve your goal? It all depends on your strategy, and having the right content editor to be able to create amazing content yourself! 


Creating compelling content used to be the job of graphic designers and publishing it was left to IT. But that is changed. Now IT has to maintain, update the software and monitor the whole signage network. These days the creation part is no longer left to just the graphic designers. Simply because there are all sorts of cloud based content editors available. These are very user friendly and provide any user type a whole set of great tools and assets to create eye catching content. Like the MagicINFO WebAuthor. The MagicINFO WebAuthor empowers users with a lot of options when it comes to designing content and creating playlists. You can choose from all sorts of templates with different lay-outs, multiple backgrounds and fonts or you can even add those yourself. You can work with fancy stickers, shapes and use the colors of your choice. We believed MagicINFO users could get really creative with all these features within the Author. Until one of our users said he uses PowerPoint whenever they want to add an effect or animation... Say what?!

However PowerPoint works great with MagicINFO (we love our PowerPoints) we've got to understand that it seems that there was something missing in the MagicINFO WebAuthor. We are glad that Samsung came to that same conclusion and invented the W-player as the answer to what wasn't there. Now, it is up to you to decide "what needs to be there" and you can create it thanks to the W-player. It allows users to use more cool animations and advanced features based on web engine technologies. 


When you have the W-player activated and you open the Author multiple new animations are available. Using these will give an extra engaging experience and will really draw the eye. You have some new text styles to choose from, such as a cool neon text. It is also possible to give an effect like a fade-in or Boomerang to the specific item on the page. We are sure that dynamic content almost always beats static content. It is one of the main reasons why digital signage is such a huge step forward over traditional signage. So with this, we think you can even create more amazing content. The W-player allows you to animate every single item on one page and create your own "carnaval" on display so that your message stands out from the rest. However we often say "less is best" when it comes to content, having this as an option gives you full freedom in finding the right balance.  


Next to new options in stickers, fades and animation widgets, it is also possible to create your own animation by adding it as CSS code or Javascript. The ability to add code within the Author gives PowerPoint the knockout. Because you can simply create just anything. Aren't you familiar with this code language? Just Google "css animations" and you will get a lot of results. Like a slide transition effect, an image animation effect, or an animated character for example, you will find all kinds of designs. 


So release your creativity and explore the new advanced designing options.


Looking for advice on how to create digital signage content? Check out our expert guide and learn about targeting audiences effectively with digital signage and MagicINFO. 


Want to use the W-player now? This player type needs to be activated first. You can easily do this following the step-by-step instructions outlined in the YouTube video showing the features of the W-player. 


Need more guidance? You can always  contact our customer support. Our colleagues will help you out with any MagicINFO-related issue you might encounter. 


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