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Control your versions

Control your versions
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'If I could turn back time' by Cher was a big hit in the late 80s for a reason. Everyone has some moments when you wish to go back in time and wish that moment would never change, right? Or you would have done things differently.  I know I do... Unfortunately, you can't go back: in real life, there's no version control. But in MagicINFO there is! Content Version Control is this blog's highlighted feature.


What is it and why is it there?

Content Version Control allows you to quickly go back to a formerly published content item. You can find the content version control option once you click on the content item and go to the tab Version. Here you see a list of all versions of the specific item with date and time. You can select the version that you want to use to replace the active item and it will be directly published on your display by just saving it. Here's a video showing you, just what to do.


How can you use it?


Back up and restore

The main goal for version control is the ability to go back to another version. Why should you go back? Perhaps you've made a little mistake or last week's information should have been replaced already? There are numerous reasons why changing back to an older version really comes in useful.


Tracking changes
Next to being able to use a formerly published content item quick and easy, it is also a great feature to keep track of changes. Because you see the date and time of the content item, you know when the item is published. 


So next time when you've accidentally replaced a content item too soon and you think you lost it and cannot redo it? Think about Content Version Control and just go back in time. 


If I could turn back time
If I could find content version control
I'd change the content that was wrong
And it all be okay

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