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Combine MagicINFO with your own SSSP application

Combine MagicINFO with your own SSSP application
by Joey
1 min read

It's not new that MagicINFO can run alongside any other SSSP application, with MagicINFO Remote Management you still get full hardware control over your devices, while using a different CMS. But apart from Remote Management, did you know that you can use the full MagicINFO CMS to schedule an SSSP application? 


Not many are aware of the fact that you can schedule an SSSP application in MagicINFO, now this can either be any type of content (SSSP) application that you'd like to run. The SSSP is a web-based application that runs in the Samsung Smart Signage Platform.


How can you use it?

As a matter of fact, you can use two CMS systems at once. This is because you can determine in MagicINFO when your Digital Signage Display should switch from MagicINFO to the SSSP application. You can upload the SSSP application into MagicINFO and then schedule it as a content item. 

The good thing about this option? For example, you can schedule the SSSP application from every morning from 8-12 and run your MagicINFO content from 12-5. 


You can upload the application by going to Content > New > Upload SSSP Web App. Here you can provide your content item with a name and you have to upload a WebApp Package, this has to be a .wgt file.

Once that is uploaded, you'll need a Configuration file, this has to be a .xml file. 

When both items are uploaded, you can determine the refresh interval, how often MagicINFO needs to check the application for updates. When all filled in, click on 'Save' and your SSSP application is on the MagicINFO server as a content file.


You can now schedule this content item directly, it's not possible to put it in a playlist, only directly into a schedule. But if you schedule this content item directly, you can add different playlists around the application in the schedule overview.

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