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Changing content without any physical touches

Changing content without any physical touches
by Joey
1 min read

It's not new any longer that earlier this year we started working together with Nexmosphere. With the combination of their offerings of different sensors and our Yoyo computer, we can offer a great number of different triggers. Examples of this are physical and touch buttons, presence sensors and lift and learn solution based on NFC. In addition to that is the air-gesture control.


Hygiene plays a greater role since the rise of COVID than ever before, hence introducing the touch-free air-gesture-based content switcher. This allows you to simply use air gestures and change the content on your device(s). Very precise and very hygienic too. 


The way this setup works is that the Nexmosphere air gesture reader is connected to the main receiver from Nexmosphere, this main receiver is connected to our Yoyo computer. The Yoyo computer is connected to the power and the internet and that's it! You do have to make sure that the Yoyo computer is on the same network as your Samsung digital signage display. This is because the Yoyo computer will send out triggers to IP addresses in the network, these IP addresses are your Samsung Displays.


Curious to see how it works? Feel free to check out the video below:


In case you have any questions regarding the Nexmosphere sensors and/or our Yoyo computer, don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can reach us at sales@magicinfoservices.com and we're happy to help!

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