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Allow MagicINFO to switch between sources

Allow MagicINFO to switch between sources
by Joey
1 min read

MagicINFO has many hidden features, which include the automatic source switcher. This is a functionality that can be used in order to show content that is visible on HDMI-1 for example, but you don't want to manually switch between sources.


There are many reasons why you'd like to have content playing on another source. This can be external data, customized content, or TV, just to name a few. The way this functionality works is that you are free to determine what source you wish to show where and when. You can see it as a content item in the WebAuthor because it can be moved around and show on the entire screen, or just in a corner. 


There are many sources that you can choose from, some a bit older than the others. The sources that you can find in the WebAuthor are:

  • PC
  • DVI
  • BNC
  • AV
  • S-Video
  • Component
  • HDMI-1
  • HDMI-2
  • HDMI-3
  • TV
  • ATV
  • Display Port
  • Plug-in Module
  • HDBT


Take a closer look at the video below to get an idea of how to implement it for your digital signage solution!



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