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A Playlist within a Playlist?

A Playlist within a Playlist?
2 min read

Perhaps you came across the term 'nested playlist' while using MagicINFO as your content management system for digital signage. And perhaps you asked yourself; what is it, why is it there and how can I use it? In this blog, I hope to explain and inspire you to not overlook this powerful feature and to start using it.


What is it, and why is it there? 


A nested playlist is a playlist within a playlist. You can choose this option when you start creating your playlist, next to general, tag, video wall, etc. This specific item has content items of its own that can be part of a general playlist and no one else can work and change the part that's 'nested'. 


How you can use it?


A nested playlist... as your default content item


We often see that the nested playlist is used for corporate information that needs to be shown at all times. In addition to that information, other content items, for example, local content, can be added creating a general playlist. So you have one strong and unified corporate nested playlist and your local store owner can add information that's relevant to his visitors. 


A nested playlist... when you don't want another content manager to ruin your playlist


A nested playlist is a separate content item. This means that you can be the only one to adjust it. Working with these user rights you can be sure that your corporate identity stays intact and you don't have anyone else adding content items, changing the color, font, or anything else of your preciously nested playlist. 


A nested playlist... manageable content for a specific campaign or special time of the year


We all know that once you start creating content the number of playlists stored on the MagicINFO server will go through the roof. To keep it all manageable you can simply use nested playlists to keep it clean and clear. Provide the playlist with a strong description and you can delete it once you are never going to use it again. Or save it, for next year. Having your collection of content items all packed up in a 'nest'.


Working with a nested playlist is a very powerful feature that can work perfectly for corporates with a franchising formula and for marketers working with segments and big campaigns.


Convinced that the nested playlist feature is useful and can't wait to start working with it? Watch this video tutorial on YouTube


Curious about more features for playlist creation and smart ways of working? The Training for content creation is just what you need


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