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6 tips for cleaning up your MagicINFO server

Before you hand-over your work to your co-worker who will replace you during your break, take some time for cleaning up. Because handing-over work often shows what kind of mess you've actually made. Files that you never use again, files that are stored in the wrong place, 16 versions of the same item, and so on... Am I the only one? I hope not. So this is a great time to clean up so your co-worker is impressed by your neat and structured why of working and you can start fresh and clean after your holidays. Now you could think of the files on your laptop, the shared file server, or your cloud files to start with. But what about your MagicINFO account? Bad news, put that on your to do list as well because regular cleaning really pays off! Here are a few tips that I'll take to heart myself as well.

1. Work according to a method: work your way up
Imagine emptying your desk drawer on the floor, or emptying a bulging cupboard and everything is in a pile in front of you on the floor. Now what? A lot of mess is simply overwhelming and discourages you to start. So, first of all, try not to do too much at once and work according to a method. Our tip: Start with Users, then Device and work your way up.

2. Cleaning up content, start with Schedule
You often have a legion of content items in MagicINFO. The amount of work to be done here is often the size of Mount Everest. Tip 2: Start working from Schedule and then Playlists. If you start immediately at the top at the Content section, you will notice that you cannot delete the item. This is because MagicINFO thinks you are still publishing the item because it is linked to a Schedule. So delete unused Schedules first, then the Playlists. Then the individual content items remain and by filtering those by date, or category, you can simply select them easily and push the D-button!

3. Create a delete folder
Of course, the doubt whether or not to delete a file strikes. Therefore, create a folder in which you save all the deleted items. After a little while, have a look at the items again with a fresh pair of eyes. It's actually just like your wardrobe, if you don't use it then dump it! (...or not)

4. Look beyond content
When you think about cleaning up your MagicINFO server, you quickly go to your content items. That is often the most cluttered section. But also consider deleting old users, old firmware, or device folders that are not used. These small clean-up tasks would warm you up to the big content work.

5. Empty the bin
Are you sure you're ready? Don't forget to empty the bin. This saves data storage and why should you keep it? Things that are gone, make room for new things!

6. Do the MagicINFO Checkup
So, everything is cleaned up again, the recycle bin is empty. Now what? Once you've cleaned it all up and put it back in order, do a CheckUp right away. By having an expert look at your account, you know exactly where vulnerabilities are, whether your system is up to date and you also receive useful user tips. If this is the last step of your big cleanup, you can be sure to start the new year with a completely refreshed MagicINFO account. You can read more about it in this blog.

Good luck cleaning up and remember 'think twice, delete once'.


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