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5 Digital Signage features that your business needs

5 Digital Signage features that your business needs
by Joey
2 min read

Digital signage is getting more and more recognition and attention, so it's no surprise that the software is such a key element of the entire project. Having the right software, it can take a lot of stress away, think about scheduling content.

The demand for digital signage is high at the moment, however, everyone takes time to master the skills and tools to make the implementation of digital signage a success. It's often perceived as difficult to work with and sometimes even to sell. But walking away from digital signage opportunities is a missed shot. At MagicInfo Services we do our very best to make it as easy as possible to work with the software, we provide you with a lot of instructions manuals, and videos in order to get you on your way. Hereby, we would like to elaborate on 5 key features that will help your business with MagicINFO.


1. Remote Management

Remote Management allows you to monitor and manage as many displays as you want. This can either be the display in your office or the display 500 kilometers away from you. As long as they are connected to the internet, you will be able to monitor, manage and control them. It will show you real-time information that is on the displays, it allows you to change hardware settings (such as volume, source, and more) and logs.


2. Publish content to each display or all at once

It's common that businesses want to be able to publish content to the displays individually, but also want to be able to send content to all displays at once. Both is possible within MagicINFO! Another useful feature is preset management, this allows you to create presets once and push them to a group of displays. This makes it easier if you want to change settings, for example, you only have to create them once and select the group you want these settings to apply to.


3. Live streaming and webpages

Never miss a game or a race any longer. With MagicINFO you can put a live stream on the displays, so you and your colleagues won't miss a single thing. Apart from the live streaming, MagicINFO allows you to show webpages. Now, this is very useful if you want to show internal statistics for example. Perhaps you want to show your sales performance on a display so that everyone can see how they are performing. It's all possible!


4. Custom user roles and permissions

MagicINFO allows you to create users and provide them with different types of roles and access. When it comes to making a big project successful, it's key to provide access only to the features that the users need. For example, a content creator can only deal with the content and will not have access to the technical settings.


5. Make use of templates

By creating your own templates, you can ensure your corporate style, colors, and fonts. Within MagicINFO you are free to go and create the template as you wish to ensure that your content will fully blend in with your business. MagicINFO even allows you to lock certain content items that you wish to consistently stay within the template so that others will not be able to remove those items.

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